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Mittal Group @ Texas A&M

Molecular Organization in Biology and Materials

Welcome to the Mittal group at Texas A&M University. We work on diverse research problems that include theory and simulation of liquid-liquid phase separation of disordered proteins, protein-protein interactions, DNA-mediated assembly for material design, nucleic acid behavior at bio-nano interfaces, and macromolecular crowding.

Group members

Recent Publications

1. Tien M Phan, Young C Kim, Galia T Debelouchina, Jeetain Mittal.

Interplay between charge distribution and DNA in shaping HP1 paralog phase separation and localization. doi

eLife (2024).

2. Shiv Rekhi, Cristobal Garcia Garcia, Mayur Barai, Azamat Rizuan, Benjamin S Schuster, Kristi L Kiick, Jeetain Mittal.

Expanding the molecular language of protein liquid–liquid phase separation. doi

Nature Chemistry (2024).

3. Courtney N Johnson, Kandarp A Sojitra, Erich J Sohn, Alma K Moreno-Romero, Antoine Baudin, Xiaoping Xu, Jeetain Mittal, David S Libich.

Insights into Molecular Diversity within the FUS/EWS/TAF15 Protein Family: Unraveling Phase Separation of the N-Terminal Low-Complexity Domain from RNA-Binding Protein EWS. doi

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2024).

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